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Daniela Radovic Hess

Born in former Yugoslavia and raised in the urban cozy sprawls of Mostar, Daniela’s fine artistic aesthetic was shaped early on by the distinctive beauty and light of her city, and Southern Europe.


Daniela is currently living in San Diego, California, she has lived and traveled halfway around the globe. Her rich, versatile and complex background greatly influences her art, as her ideas come from reflecting on the culture and the lives of people she has known, the places she has lived, and have been inspired by.

Her latest work present a unique combination of the expressive, abstract and figurative forms ih her drawings and paintings. Daniela is drawn to human nature, women in particular, always curious about their inner world, symbiotic contact between intellectual and sensual, femininity and strength, beauty and power, with a desire to find a balance, and express that balance in her paintings.

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